Executive Coaching – Command Attention, Gain Respect and Easily Sell Your Ideas.

Survey after survey shows that communication is the #1 skill determined to be indispensable to leaders. Yet, it’s the one area that holds many executives back.   

From sales pitches and client updates, to team meetings and board presentations, to keynotes to media appearances, a successful leader needs to be able to communicate ideas, with authority, in a clear and compelling manner.  

It’s time you started to win more appointments and close more deals. With improved presentation skills, you can showcase your professional expertise and accelerate your business.

Our Executive Speech Coaching is custom-made to quickly build your knowledge and dramatically improve your confidence and executive presence. Working one-on-one with executive coach, Tommy Hilcken, you'll learn how "level up" and deliver powerful presentations in a compelling, memorable and actionable manner.   

  • Assess your individual strengths and communication weaknesses and develop strategies to build on your strengths  
  • Research, plan and organize your presentation, including identifying the right kind and level of content for your audience 
  • Develop your own authentic communication style and tell your message in a way that your audience will remember it and act on it--from delivering a killer opening, including visuals, using storytelling, creating an emotional connection, and generating discussion 
  • Engage listeners and create emotional connections  
  • Deliver your presentation with poise and confidence, including body language and tips for overcoming stage fright 
  • Handle tough Q&A sessions 

Our Executive Coaching programs include one-to-one speech coaching, on-site training for leadership teams, and preparation for high-profile appearances.  Each program is fully customized to your specific goals and abilities.   

For a no-obligation consultation and quote, call  888.716.4550 or email us at tommy@tommyhilcken.com.