Video Presentation Skills

Virtual Meetings and Video are redefining the way we connect and engage with potential clients, partners, investors and even future employers. Imagine being able to present and pitch yourself, your business or your ideas on these very influential mediums.

Hardwired to trust the human face

Video lets you give people a glimpse of who you are and what you are able to do for them. Plus, by letter your passion and enthusiasm shine through, you’ll get them excited.

Video & Zoom Presentation Skills Training

Talking to a camera can feel uncomfortable and awkward. Even experienced stage presenters get rattled because it requires a completely different set of skills to come across well on-screen.

We will help you create and deliver engaging and powerful video introductions and presentations that your target audience will watch, enjoy and act upon.

  • Be the face of your company and showcase your brand, products, and services
  • Leverage video to build trust and grow sales
  • Create a powerful LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd
  • Immediately engage new contacts with a video welcome video

You will learn:

  • How to look real on camera
  • Presenting with style and poise
  • Projecting power and authority
  • How to tell your story with maximum confidence and impact
  • How to close with a powerful call to action
  • How to get free advertising
  • How to build a potential client list

Length - Three 2 1/2-hour sessions

Investment - $1995 (per person) - includes 2-minute promo video


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