Magical Fundraisers

Virtual Magical Fundraisers & Comedy Nights!


Are you searching for a new and exciting fundraising idea for your non-profit organization?

For over 30 years we have provided magic & comedy shows for all types of groups and organizations!

In these challenging times fundraising is on everyone’s mind.

We have discovered many non-profits cannot wait until things “OPEN UP”!

They need funding NOW!

We are now helping the cause by offering virtual Comedy & Magic Nights.

When you work with Tommy Hilcken Productions you will follow in the footsteps of hundreds of organizations that have successfully raised revenue for their purpose.

We fully understand It can be difficult to come up with creative fundraising ideas that are unique, fun and most of all – successful.

Good News! A professional comedy night is an easy fundraising idea that is proven to be fun and profitable.

Offering a comedy night can create revenue for:

  • Your non-profit organization
  • Your School
  • Replacing your annual gala funding

The powerful draw of comedy nights will bring out crowds (yes even virtually) eager to contribute to your cause for a night full of laughs.

If you have any questions, we are here for you.

Of one thing I am certain TOGETHER we can create a fantastic event.