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Mission in Commission Mastermind Group

Join "The Mission in Commission" Mastermind for People Who Want to Earn More.

I have experienced significant sales success in my career, but it wasn't always that way for me. Like every business leader, I struggled and learned some eye-opening lessons along the way.

Some of the most useful lessons came from my business partner Bob Proctor's Mission in Commission Program.

One of my "bucket list" items is to help as many people as possible become more effective at what they do (yes, that includes selling) and have more success doing it.

That's why I am offering this Mastermind Group to teach others how to use the "Mission in Commission" program to grow their business.

Here's What You'll Learn:  

  1. How to generate leads
  2. How to make great winning presentations
  3. How to persuade prospects to become customers
  4. How to 'Think and Grow Rich'
  5. And so much more!

Here's How It Works:

  • The Mastermind group will meet every Thursday at 8:00 pm on Zoom for eight weeks beginning January 21, 2021.
  • Each week, we will meet for about 60 minutes and focus on a specific topic.
  • I will be moderating the sessions, and there will be plenty of time for live questions and discussion within the group.
  • That's 8 hours of a not-to-be-missed opportunity to learn how to become more effective at your business, earn more commissions, and change your life forever.

This course is usually $499, but as a New Year's Incentive to help people succeed in 2021 and earn more commissions if you sign up by January 14, your investment is only $199!

But there is a catch: Enrollment is limited to ONLY 10 people for this Mastermind, so sign up here today before you miss out on this fantastic opportunity!  

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I look forward to helping ten more business professionals Step Up, Stand Out, and Sell More!

See you at the Mastermind!