Magical Motivation

Bigger than life and self-acknowledged “character,” Tommy Hilcken has spent a lifetime as an entertainer, humorist, motivational speaker, and trainer. World-renowned for his Step Up, Stand Out, Sell More program, he now brings you a NEW, powerful platform that gets audiences excited…increases message retention…and intensifies employee motivation.

Oh, and did we mention – there is magic involved?

A uniquely different kind of corporate training

Magical Motivation is now the framework for ALL of Tommy’s programs. It is the fuel that captures attention, propels learning, and evolves passive attendees into energized, successful, motivated employees. As a corporate or nonprofit event planner or trainer, you may still choose any of Tommy’s keynote presentations, skills, or sales training – but now those programs have the added fun and power of Magical Motivation™.

What makes Magical Motivation Different?

Although laughing while learning is key to its success, its real transformational secret is magic. Drawing upon his background as an entertainer and magician, Tommy sprinkles in just the right amount of sleight of hand and bagful of tricks with warmth and humor, resulting in high-impact learning. Corporate training becomes an event to anticipate and enjoy.

Magical Motivation makes people laugh … inspires learning … and motivates employees toward higher and more ambitious personal and company goals.

Tommy Hilcken is a master trainer, humorist, and wit. He is both a teacher and an entertainer. His presentations, videos, and seminar training have empowered audiences for the past 3 decades. He is committed to helping others achieve lifelong personal and professional success.

In Tommy’s own words…

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. It is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basics and then embarking upon a life of continuous learning.

If there is magic inside of us, then it is our ability to cope, to overcome the illusion of failure, and redefine reality as success.

In order to achieve success, you will be uncomfortable more times than you can count. You will have to stretch and grow. While that is simple to understand, it is not that easy to do. Boosting energy and motivation helps anybody become more successful.”