Team Building

Tommy Chamber

Create Real Results with Your Team through Humor & Magic

Imagine using magic and humor in your company’s team building—for real. Motivational humorist (and magician) Tommy Hilcken does just that with live and virtual team-building programs that transform ordinary exercises into extraordinary, impactful results.

The Power to Enhance Employees’ Skills and Build Strong Teams

Based on the current state of the world and from hearing from clients that the working environment has tested our resilience, patience, and morale, Tommy has developed a new group training/coaching program that incorporates HUMOR and a little bit of MAGIC.

Sure, it’s entertaining. But Tommy Hilcken’s programs aren’t just presentations—they’re interactive, multi-faceted workshops that:

  • Enhance collaboration and problem solving
  • Boost interpersonal communication
  • Encourage risk-taking and inspire confidence
  • Foster greater focus and patience
  • Encourage creative thinking and flexibility

And…did we mention it’s fun?

When combined, all these factors help revitalize your company’s performance and provide an essential foundation for creating adaptable, flexible teams in the workplace.

Using Magic & Humor to Tap into Employee Skill Sets

During Tommy’s workshop, groups collaborate around a magic trick, working together in different ways. From this, corporate leaders can pinpoint individual employees’ talents and gain insights into specific personality traits, proficiencies, problem-solving skills, and team communication styles.

Employees may display attributes that are not always apparent in the workplace or can now be seen differently and harnessed for the good of the individual and the company.

The groups gain valuable presentation experience in front of a friendly audience that will transfer to client presentations and overall communications.

Put Some Magic into Your Team Building

Organizations turn to Tommy Hilcken to transform their teams into magic makers—from improved customer service team members to empowered negotiators. Transform your teams’ communication and collaboration—and lots more—with this unique form of training and development.


To hire Tommy for your next corporate event or team building experience that incorporates Magical Motivation and Humor into your presentations, visit his other website,