Tommy Hilcken Productions offers public speaking, presentation skills and sales training for individuals, small groups, departments and large groups - tailored to your specific needs for maximum results.

The Hilcken interactive method of learning through laughter, enables professionals, at all levels and experience, to improve their public speaking skills, confidence and effectiveness.

High Impact Presentations & Public Speaking Coaching

At some point, you may be asked to present at a workshop or an important event. For most people, this is terrifying.

Tommy Hilcken can help novice through experienced speakers overcome their fears and speak with confidence and credibility. Learn how to connect with your audience,  use body language, storytelling, and vocal techniques for dynamic and memorable speeches."


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Executive Coaching - Public Speaking Skills for Maximum Impact

Level up your game in professional speaking situations. Our Executive Speech Coaching program is designed to quickly build your knowledge and dramatically improve your confidence and executive presence.

You'll learn how to identify your weaknesses, build on your strengths and master the skills and techniques to become a compelling communicator who speaks with absolute authority and impact."


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Present Yourself Well on Video

Professionally present and pitch yourself, your business or your ideas on your website, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and even email.

Video lets you raise your visibility and show people who you are and what you can o do for them. Excite your customers, partners and investors with your passion and enthusiasm.


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Customized Sales Training for Individuals and Teams

Whatever your company’s size and goals, we’ll work to design a training solution that matches your needs.

By injecting his unique brand of humor and motivation, Tommy Hilcken assures a fun and personalized experience where participants ask real-world questions, work through tough sales problems, develop, refine a sales development plan and test selling strategies.


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Laugh & Learns – Free (Complimentary) 60-Minute Group Session

Looking to improve your team's, but need to limit the time they’re away from their revenue-impacting jobs? Not ready to commit to a full program? Schedule an interactive, fun-filled company Laugh & Learn.


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