I can’t imagine how many times I talk about the proper mindset to become good at sales. I had to lock it in my head that I deserve to be good at sales. I deserve to professionally represent my company and myself in solving problems with my prospects.

I had to remind myself I deserved to be rewarded when I successfully helped others solve their problems. My goal was to become an effective salesperson. If you’re in business, it should be your goal as well.

Two things contributed to me becoming an effective salesperson. First and foremost, I had to learn my profession, and secondly, I needed to respect my work. I needed to be completely comfortable and confident about my occupation.

The fact is that you never graduate from selling. You’re always growing. Successful salespeople invest in themselves by learning and studying their profession.

You should invest more in yourself than you do in your career. You must be a constant student, perhaps even be a lifetime learner. School is never out for the professional. You must always prepare for your sales day for your next sales call.

I’ve always encouraged people to invest them themselves because I genuinely believe personal growth precedes professional growth. Better people build better sales professionals.

Selling is an honorable profession because selling is something you do with the prospect, not to the prospect. If the sales transaction is not mutually benefiting you and the prospect, then stop the selling activities, ask for a referral, thank the prospect for his or her time, and conclude the interview.

As I stated earlier, you are there to help the prospect; if they don’t need your help, it’s time to move on. Sometimes we need to say who’s next!

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