Are you on a “Mission in Commission?

When I first started in the entertainment world, I had no idea that I could make a living doing it. I truly enjoyed doing it, and the money soon followed.

My mission was not to make money; my mission was to entertain.

It was what got me up early and kept me up late.

I had no idea that I had become just as passionate at selling because of my passion for entertaining.

I realized I had to sell myself to the stage.

As strange as it may seem, salespeople who earn large commissions are not doing what they do for apaycheck.  They are in love with what they’re doing, although they would probably not do it if they were not earning a living.

Strange.  But it’s true!


The professional residential real estate agent is aware that most people dream of owning their own special home.  The agent’s mission is to find these people and convince them they can have the home of their dreams.  The professional agent will do everything in their power to help their clients.


A story is told about Ben Feldman, one of the world’s most excellent insurance salespeople.  He was speaking to a group of insurance agents at a conference.  When he had finished his speech, a young insurance agent asked the old pro a question.  “Mr. Feldman, why do you keep selling insurance?  You’ve been doing it for years.  You’re a multimillionaire; you don’t need the money?”

Mr. Feldman’s answer said it all.  He replied, “Don’t you think what you’re doing is important?” 


The person selling cars, earning a large income, has fallen in love with cars.  They get excited whenever the conversation leads to vehicles.  Watch them.  They are enthused, and their enthusiasm is contagious. 

These salespeople are on a mission! 

They are not working.  They love what they do.  If you met a salesperson personally, they would have you talking about their product or service.  They are convinced their product or service is the best available.

Is There a Mission In Commission?

All successful professional salespeople have one thing in common:

They love their work.

They are hooked on the “Mission In Commission!”  

If you or someone you know are looking to increase revenue, let’s talk.