Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to teach one of the best sales training systems on the market.  The sale system was fantastic, but I noticed that people still struggled with selling. I mean, the people knew exactly what to do, but they weren’t doing it.

At first, I couldn’t figure it out, but then it hit me.

The challenge didn’t come from them doing the sales system.   The challenge came from the being.

One of my mentors often said, “You must be before you can do, and you must do before you can have.”

So, when you stop and think about it, if you want to have more sales or better sales, you must start by building a better you.

The struggle most people experienced came from a lack of confidence. It wasn’t the system or the stinking thinking of hey, I’m not a salesperson.  It was the idea of getting out and talking to people.  Simply talking about themselves and their product was an extremely difficult task.

This is a sales killer!

That’s when I knew that the key to better selling was through public speaking.

When done effectively public speaking can improve your sales because it allows you to connect with your audience, rather than trying to sell them something. When your audience feels like they can relate to you, they’re more likely to trust you and want to do business with you.

Good public speaking skills allow you to sell the value of what you have to customers, prospects and even potential employers.  Public speaking skills can help you sell yourself to management which will, in turn, help you receive promotions or even help get you on larger, high-profile projects within the company.

Whether in sales training or public speaking training, I always remind my audience that the secret to success is to prepare, prepare, prepare. Then it’s practice, practice, practice – and when you’re done practicing  –  practice again.

The secret to getting good at public speaking and sales lies in the doing…yes, the learning is in the doing.

Everyone is in sales, but many don’t realize it.

In the business world, we are all attempting to influence, motivate or inspire others to either buy something or take action.  By default, a business owner is the head of sales. However, studies have shown that employees with non-sales titles spend more than one-third of their time persuading others. 

Employees are selling their value and ideas to management, convincing teammates to take a specific course of action, winning over irate customers, and promoting their expertise and companies at networking events and associations.

Any way you look at it, everyone you’ll ever know or meet, is somehow, someway selling.

Public speaking skills provide a way to:

  • improve communication and build trust
  • establish yourself as an expert in your industry
  • inform people more about your business, your products and your services

Plain and simple, public speaking will allow you to generate more sales leads and help you become better at networking.

To learn the public speaking skills and techniques to get better results when selling your products, services, ideas and expertise, attend one of our coaching or presentation skills seminars. Or bring us to your company for a program tailored to your groups’ particular needs.  Contact us here.