Many years ago, when I was a professional clown (but that’s another story), I remember having a conversation with my clown mentor, Fred Collins.

I was about to perform to the largest audience of my young career. I was nervous and I asked Fred for a suggestion on how I could make an impact on this audience. His response was, “If you have a bigger audience, the secret is to make yourself bigger. “

The same goes if you are speaking to any size audience.

You must be the biggest thing in the room. You must shine, you must stand out and you must be in control of the entire room.

But, how exactly does someone go about being “bigger”?

The first key is to build your confidence.  Practice being bigger – both mentally and physically.

Make believe, yes, make believe you are a giant…use your imagination. Be powerful! Try this: Make yourself as physically big as possible, with your arms raised high as though you just won the NYC marathon. Take up space! Be huge!

The superhero pose works well for this. Put your hands on your hips and become “Wonder Woman” or “Superman.” In fact, research has shown that adopting certain ‘power poses’ that make the body bigger and project strength or confidence, can actually make you feel stronger and more confident, even in situations where you’re primed to feel insecure. 

Don’t just fake it until you make it. Fake it until you become it! 

Remember, YOU were asked to be in the front of the room. YOU accepted to be the center of attention for a reason. There is something that you know that other people don’t, and you have been asked to share it.

Everyone has a story that can help someone else. When it is your turn to STEP UP and tell yours – You need to go big or go home!

Being a professional will build your credibility. Learn to speak and present yourself like a pro.  There is no better feeling than hearing “you crushed that presentation”

Your imagination will help you develop the “actor” in you. After all, speaking in public is a performance and takes a lot of energy.

Once you step up it is time to STAND OUT.

You are “on” the whole time you are at the front of the room, even though you are ready to crush it once you enter the room. Your energy level, body language, and excitement will set the dynamic with the audience.

Remember, there’s a big difference between someone who takes the stage and someone who owns.  The most effective speakers don’t go it alone.  They invest in the best training with a professional coach.

If you are serious about becoming a better speaker and giving high impact presentations that get results, attend a coaching or presentation skills seminar.  Contact us for more information.