These are challenging times for sure.

For those of you who know me know it is not easy for me to buy into things.

This is real…we must take care of each other any way we can.

A phone call, a text, an email…say hello to someone.

I have been self-employed for over 30 years and I have lived a life of ups and downs.

It is what I call living life on life’s terms.

There is only one thing that is going to keep your head on straight and that is your attitude.

Yes, through it all we still could choose the way we look at things!

Here is a little bit of a talk I give…I hope it is helpful.

I am absolutely convinced that, regardless of the business you’re in , regardless of your position in the business even if you don’t own a business, and your business is being a single mom or a single dad, or a stay-at-home mom or dad…I am absolutely convinced that, what matters most…I mean what really matters most is our results.


You know, after studying for many years in the field of human development and corporate growth, I have concluded that the primary cause of our results is our attitude.

Now, for most people, that is a simple and disappointing answer. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been told your entire life that, if you would improve your attitude, you would improve your results. Our manager tells us if we improve our attitude, we will get better results. Our coaches have told us on the baseball field that, if we improve our attitude, our performance on the field will be better. If we employ people, we tell them if they improve their attitude, they can move further up the chain. In marriage, our spouse reminds us we will not get far “with that attitude”.

So, you see, attitude does control the quality of everything in our lives.

How’s your attitude?

If you want your life to have more, be better or somehow be better the first place you may have to look is at that ATTITUDE.

Our self-talk controls our attitude:

1. When people are accused of having a bad attitude, it is because they’ve chosen to surrender their conscious control and have allowed someone or something to control their thinking.

 2. “If we allow someone else to make us mad, sad or glad, we’ve been had.”

 3. A bad attitude can, most likely, be attributed to poor self-talk.

 4. We need to understand that our attitude has a drastic impact on the results we do or don’t get in our lives and that we have the ability to shift or change our attitude through the conscious awareness of the power of self-talk.

You know I wish you well and will be here for you.

If I can help in any way…Let me know,