Let’s face it, your Zoom presentation probably sucks.

By now, we’ve all been on at least one Zoom presentation, perhaps many… perhaps too many.

I have seen Zoom presentations range from OK, I got through it, to boring or just flat out painful. If you’re like most virtual presenters, you are

  • Winging it, because it doesn’t count if it’s virtual, right?
  • Reading your notes instead of “reading the room”
  • Not targeting your message to a specific audience.

Reasons Why People are Failing on Virtual Presentations

  1. They do not know how to create unique & memorable presentations
  2. They do not connect & build rapport with the audience.
  3. They have no real performing knowledge.
  4. They lack humor within their presentations
  5. They have not invested in training and continual improvement.

Virtual Speaking IS Public Speaking

Every rule about public speaking applies to virtual presentations. A polished presenter can change the emotions of their listeners, not just inform them.

You can do that in several different ways, including:

  • Building rapport & connection
  • Being intriguing
  • Changing the audience’s state
  • Providing WIIFM (What’s in It for Me)

When teaching presentation skills, I remind everyone to be themselves. Why? – Because everyone else is already taken. Although it is important to be you…How good are “YOU” at giving a presentation?

Professionals prepare.

Many people jumped into giving virtual presentations without any formal training, practice or preparation. That is simply wrong and, overall, it is more harmful than helpful. It could go as far as destroying your brand. In the beginning, lack of training could be understood, but it is no longer tolerable.

Not practicing is no way to go about giving a presentation. Everyone thinks they can wing it and I am here today to let you know you cannot.

Believe me, it shows and it’s disrespectful to your audience.

Once you become proficient at presenting (being a dynamite messenger), you can then proceed to creating and delivering your message. In order to become good at presenting, you must learn, prepare and practice.

A good message with a poor messenger can be a disaster for you and your business. When people tune out…PEOPLE TUNE OUT and you’ve just blown your opportunity.           

The one thing that all fields of public speaking have in common, is that:


5 Things that will help you build rapport with your virtual audience

  1. Effective use of your non-verbal skills (Yes even ZOOM)

Your appearance, posture, eye-contact, gestures, and facial expressions, all play a major role in how you are perceived.

  • Proper use of verbal skills (Yes even ZOOM)

What you say…how you say it…when you say it.

  • Proper use of humor (Yes even ZOOM)

There must be SOME type of humor in every speech.  Yes, EVERY SPEECH.  Ever notice how even a eulogy can often make you laugh?

  • Audience involvement/interaction (Yes even ZOOM)

Your crowd CANNOT just sit back passively (Yes even ZOOM) . They must become part of your presentation.

  • Use of props and visual aids (Yes even ZOOM)

Unless you are REALLY good looking, you are going to have to have more than just YOU for your audience to look at!

When incorporate the above skills in each presentation, and you will be on your way to delivering truly “Magical Presentations