Presentation Skills for Video

Even before we started social distancing, the business world was becoming increasingly visual.  In our new reality, the video has replaced almost all in-person meetings and is a crucial medium for communicating with customers and remote workforce.

So, the question is: how are you adapting to maximize your speaking opportunities?

Ready for Your Close Up

Does your skill as a speaker equal your other professional abilities? A video call, like an in-person meeting or presentation, isn’t just about what you say, it’s about how you look, sound and move.  Many people are uncomfortable speaking to a camera and make communication errors in their conferencing sessions. For example, they don’t know where to look to make “eye contact” or they lean in too close and cross the personal space barrier – all leading to a sub-par experience for your audience.

Getting an unbiased evaluation will help you understand how you are coming across on video and what you can do to improve. 

Assessing A Video Performance – The Truth Doesn’t Have to Hurt

One of the greatest decisions I have made to enhance my career was to join and participate in Toastmasters. I joined with the intention of constantly presenting as I thought the secret to becoming a better speaker was to just keep speaking.

Boy was I wrong!

To me, the secret sauce was the evaluation and coaching of other speakers. It’s where I learned my best answers. Seeing how others handled their presentations was far more important than me presenting.

The evaluation was easily the most valuable aspect of Toastmasters. It is where I learned to support my fellow speakers while encouraging them to continue practicing and learning. I soon learned people who receive thoughtful evaluations feel heard and become motivated to improve.

 I once thought an evaluation to be a critique or as some would say “constructive criticism.” That doesn’t work for me! I believe in the power of suggestion.

Lessons on how to evaluate speakers successfully

  • It’s important to approach each person with honesty while remaining positive while focusing on their goals for self-improvement.
  • It essential to evaluate what the speaker does and not who the speaker is at that time.
  • Being able to deliver an evaluation is an excellent way to practice and demonstrate your speaking skills. It made me a better communicator as well as a better person and truly helped me learn to build people up instead of cutting them down.
  • The goal is to motivate and inspire the speaker to create and deliver top content.

Get a Free Video Evaluation

Communicating successfully on video will be a key driver of your future professional success. We can help you improve your online communication with a complimentary 30-minute evaluation consultation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send us your video presentation (between 5-15 minutes)
  • We will schedule a 30-minute session to discuss your objectives and address any concerns.
  • We will evaluate the speech/video – not the person!
  • Our main purpose is to support, help, coach and encourage you.  We will never assess any personal qualities—only assess actions related to the speech/video.

If your business success depends on you or your team delivering a clear, persuasive message, then take the steps now. Tommy Hilcken Productions has over 30 years of experience coaching professionals on developing and delivering high-impact presentations.

Reach out to us today to get an honest, unbiased evaluation of your presentation skills.