All humans love comfort.

We’re natural creatures of habit.

Even when we think we’re adventurous, there are certain parts of our personality that prefer things a certain way.

“As we’ve always done them.”

Most of us, when we’re young, learn the habits that shape our adult behavior.

Over time, our actions become almost instinctual.

Stay away from strangers…
Go with your gut…
Make new friends and forget the old…

In sales, there are things we successfully change to improve our close rates:

  • We reach out to strangers.
  • We create simple processes to follow up on leads.
  • We send occasional emails or personal notes to stay in touch with existing contacts.

Times change and as we stay the same, we get caught up in our routines:

“I’ve always done it this way.”
“It’s always worked for me until now.”

These simple statements may be hurting your sales.

Break free of your comfort zone with education and coaching from Sandler Training and:

  • Learn how to use today’s technology tools for smart prospecting.
  • Penetrate existing client accounts without additional costs.
  • Get rid of a sales after-burn, stay confident, and eliminate selling fears.

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