Zoom, Zoom, Zoom we’re all stuck in our room!

Who would have dreamed that we would all be doing so many online presentations?

Between sales presentations, video conferences, training seminars, and virtual networking, you have probably seen, the good, the bad, and the ugly of presenting virtually.  Many challenges come up along the way. Here are some tips to assure that you are not one of them.

Face the Fact

When giving a virtual presentation remember to use your face to your advantage. It just may be the best tool you have to get your passion across.  Proper facial expression will add emphasis to any presentation, set the mood and support your key points.

The expression on your face reinforces what you are saying. It also adds a subtle character to your meaning and will go a long way in keeping the attention of your audience. Animated facial expressions are potent tools for involving your audience — and you can involve your audience without saying a word. Think about how powerful a big smile can be at the opening of your presentation.

Here are a few helpful hints for mastering the art of facial expressions

  • Maintain an overall pleasant demeanor.
  • Try to limit your frowning, it makes your viewers feel uncomfortable.
  • Make sure what you are saying with your face matches what you are saying with your words-
  • Facial expressions can be skillfully used to produce laughter.
  • Learn to be an actor.
  • Practice your presentation. (Record it and watch it before presenting it)
  • Practice making facial expressions naturally. Your expressions should appear natural and spontaneous, not forced.

A high percentage of learning takes place through the sense of sight. In fact, I have been told that the average person learns 83% by seeing. The hearing comes in a distant second at 13%. (By the way, I have also been taught that 78% of all statistics are made up right on the spot!)

So be sure to give your listener something to see as well as to hear.

If you are serious about learning how to present better on video and excite customers, partners, and investors with your passion and enthusiasm, contact us and get a complimentary assessment of your video speaking skills.