Where did the first quarter go?

OH! OH! The first quarter is gone!

Is it time for a checkup from the neck up?

Each January, you make New Year’s resolutions that are dropped by February, long forgotten by March, and then dredged up in December, just to do it all over again in the new year.

It’s time to stop the madness.

My thinking is that most New Year’s resolutions fail because they tend to focus on the negative with you having to give up something — eat less, stop smoking, avoid negative people. From here on out, why not try making a positive resolution that will help you grow personally, professionally, and financially by investing in yourself.

Self-Investment Rules that WORK!

Invest in your self-confidence
Projecting executive, as well as sales and personal presence, requires self-confidence and effective public speaking skills. Being able to communicate your ideas and opinions clearly, concisely, and effectively will most likely be the determining factor in your success. It will give you the power to run successful meetings; gain visibility and feel comfortable going after opportunities and promotions.

Invest for the long-term
When we make financial investments, we hope they will increase in value over time. Personal development not only yields future returns, but there’s often a current pay-off as well. When you give yourself the gift of self-improvement, you’ll see dividends in your personal and professional growth.

Invest in a professional
Taking the DIY approach is an option, but a professional coach can provide the experience, expertise and unbiased honesty, to produce faster, more effective results. A professional coach can also customize a curriculum for your specific strengths and goals and present it in a compact and precise way, so you don’t waste time with cookie-cutter programs.

The Bottom Line
Don’t hope and wait for your manager to fund your personal growth and career development.
If you want to increase your position – and your income – take charge and invest in continually learning and improving yourself. – Be a lifetime learner!
If You Don’t Invest in Yourself, No One Else Will!

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