7 Ways to Change Your Sales Focus and Drive New Revenue – #1

  1. Rethink Your Strategy for Marketing, Sales, and Service Integration

head siteDo your marketing, sales, and service teams work together? If not, you should rethink your marketing process. These teams will be more likely to succeed if they work together and share customer information. Once everyone has a clear picture of what is going on with potential and existing clients, you can evaluate your marketing and sales messages to ensure they tell the correct brand story. By integrating your marketing, sales, and service departments, you build a cohesive team that works together to sell more services and products.

Social media is another important resource that should be integrated across your departments. Although most companies now utilize professional services to gather feedback from customers, they rarely pass this information on to the sales team. This wastes sales opportunities and ignores potentially disgruntled customers, leading to problems with future sales opportunities.

Drive new revenue by sharing the customer feedback provided on social media sites across your marketing, sales, and service departments. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, have a customer service representative contact customers that post feedback on social media outlets. If customers repeatedly leave negative feedback on your social media platforms, you can spot product or service weaknesses that need to be addressed. Your service team can then step in to craft a solution and improve the customer experience, leading to a more successful sales funnel.

Negative posts on competitors’ sites should be passed along to the sales team. These unhappy customers give your salespeople a chance to highlight how your company is better than the competitor.

If you have the budget, hire a chief customer officer who will be responsible for maintaining focus on customers across the marketing, sales, and service departments. Improve the relationship between your teams to provide a customer-focused experience and increase overall revenue.



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