Focus on the audience.

Whenever you give a presentation, remember it is not about you. It is all about the needs of your audience. The messenger and the message must resonate with the audience!

Read on to learn more about appealing to your audience.

Why Focus on the Audience?

We often focus so much on message and delivery that we forget one of the essential elements that help make our speech truly influential – the audience!

We must keep the audience in mind while writing and preparing for the speech; even if the content and delivery are superb, the speech’s overall impact will fall flat.

Prepare for Your Presentation or Speech

Before writing your speech, ask yourself why would an audience even care about what I have to say?

Give thought to who you will be speaking to. Know your audience! Don’t try to sell sand in the desert!

I know, it sounds self-evident!

Tommy’s Tip for Presenting to an Audience

Throughout the years, I have seen speakers give great speeches but are entirely out of context for their audience.

Every speech needs to be created to communicate a particular message to a specific audience.

No message can appeal to all audiences.

Context may be the most critical aspect to look upon when it comes to understanding your audience.

Think about where you will be speaking – is it a classroom? Is it at a corporate training facility? Is it a Toastmasters meeting?

Understanding where you will be speaking and why this particular audience is attending your talk is vital to delivering a speech that appeals to that audience.