I have never promoted anyone else’s business on LinkedIn other than my own in all the years I’ve had an account with them. This is one time I will make an exception!

When my associate, Joshua Beaudry approached me this Spring about recently being notified that he would be one of the keynote speakers at the OPEX Conference (https://www.processexcellencenetwork.com/events-opexweeksummer/speakers/joshua-beaudry) in San Diego in late August to speak about his non-profit company LPSTK, Inc (https://www.lpstk.org), he looked both honored and mortified simultaneously! Joshua had never spoken in front of such a large group of people before, so he was nervous about it. After we discussed it awhile, I knew there was only one person that I could recommend him to and that was my good friend Tommy Hilcken, CEO of Tommy Hilcken Productions (https://tommyhilckenproductions.com). Tommy has been coaching people how to become an effective public speaker for many years now and I just knew he would be just the type of coach that Joshua would need if he decided to go in that direction. After mulling it over and speaking to Tommy, he decided to hire him as his coach.

You see, Joshua wasn’t just nervous about speaking in front of a large crowd, he was nervous because he is so passionate about his non-profit company that he wanted to make sure he got it right. Tommy listened to his story of how he was a professional skateboard champion that went to Brazil one time several years back with several friends to show kids in impoverished areas how to ride skateboards. He was so moved by their reception that they left all their gear there for them to use, then made a pact that they would do more of this in other areas of the world as well.

Weeks went by and Tommy really got to know Joshua’s heart. Joshua developed trust in the master coach who is a Toastmasters Humorous Speech Champion, a member and Past President of the NJ Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and a Certified Life Success Consultant. The relationship between the two really blossomed. Every time I spoke with Joshua, he would say how much he was getting out of their sessions and was gaining confidence every step of the way. Every time I spoke with Tommy about Joshua, he would let me know how much he cared about him and his mission and was fully confident that he would nail it in San Diego!

August was quickly approaching, so Tommy reached out to me and invited me to see Joshua’s 1st run presentation in full, then critique him afterwards. I invited one of our senior associates at Daugherty Business Solutions (https://www.daugherty.com/about-us), Dean Reonieri to join me. Joshua was excellent! I was so impressed with his presentation and his message from beginning to end. I felt kind of like a proud father would feel when his son overcomes his fears and succeeds at something that he’s passionate about!

August 27th, 2019 was finally here! I wished Joshua good luck before he left and had full confidence in both his ability to deliver a killer presentation and to getting his message out there! With a coach like Tommy Hilcken working with him, he couldn’t lose! Joshua texted me from San Diego with just two words, “nailed it!” I was elated for him! He did so well that he was invited to speak at another conference next year!!

I couldn’t be any prouder of Joshua and I have full confidence that he will nail it next year too!!