Why Have a Process of Selling?

When going on a sales call, keep in mind that the prospect has a process of buying. The prospect will often hold back critical information and try to gather whatever information they can from you.

In this scenario, the prospect will often not commit, lead you on, and soon disappear. If the prospect has a buying process, you must go in with a selling process.

Why Follow a Selling Process?

Your process is perfectly designed to produce the results you are getting.

This is true for your prospecting process to your questioning process, to your closing process. If you aren’t getting the results you expect, then you must refine and adjust your process.

Selling is a Process, Not a Personality

Following a client-centered “selling process” can often make the difference between sales success and sales failure. Have a sales process that:

  • takes the pressure off the salesperson
  • takes the pressure off the sales prospect

By following a set process, the salesperson knows where he/she is in the process. The process also allows you to know where the prospect is in the sales cycle.

Lastly, you will determine what needs to be completed to move both parties to the next step of the process.

Six Benefits of An Effective Sales Process:

  • Produces more sales!
  • Focuses on the prospect’s needs and issues
  • Provides a clear path to gaining commitment
  • Assures involvement of the prospect
  • Provides competency and confidence for the salesperson
  • Allows the salesperson to “sell by design, not by chance.”

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