Your Employee’s Lack of Confidence Is Hurting Your Business.

Some business owners really underestimate the financial impact of having employees that are not confident. 

Have you ever thought about what it costs your company when an employee is not willing to speak up at meetings, network at association meetings, pitch new clients or propose ideas to senior management?

Their lack of confidence can lead to inaction, underperformance and missed opportunities – and that’s a business problem.

Low confidence in the workplace often manifests as a crippling fear that keeps people stuck in their comfort zone. They don’t raise their hand. They don’t contribute ideas. They don’t do anything to be seen or heard. Innovative thoughts and solutions go unspoken because they’re too afraid to get their message out.

Investing in Confidence-Building is Invaluable

Confident people thrive in the office environment. By coaching employees to become better communicators, they’ll become more comfortable conveying their ideas and opinions in a concise and articulate manner to both clients and co-workers.  This results in an organization that is more productive, more agile andmore responsive to competitive threats in the market.

For 30 years, I have been a worked with many clients who suffered from a lack of confidence. They were highly educated and talented men and women, but their lack of confidence affected their ability to reach their full potential.  With our communication coaching program, they were able to learn techniques to conquer their anxiety, find their voice and communicate confidently. 

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